Jessica barbour

Jessica describes music as being her “first love”. She was born in 1990 and as a baby, was instantly drawn to the pop music of the time. She has blurry memories of singing and dancing to Madonna’s “Vogue” as a toddler…that’s where it all started.

Jessica grew up attending church and had every Sunday School song memorized well enough to perform them at home for her family. Jessica was always told she could sing. As a teenager, Jessica fell even deeper in love with music. She discovered new genres and artists and completely wore out a karaoke machine she was given for Christmas at age 14.

In 2005, Jessica picked up her first guitar and began teaching herself to play. She wrote her first handful of songs in the 2 years to follow and by 2009, she was performing at open mics and began booking her own shows in pubs and clubs. Balancing her singer/songwriter dream with being an adult was difficult and exciting. Her voice began to evolve and become stronger whilst her life experience gave her more mature writing material. In 2015, she spent time touring the UK and Europe, selling over a thousand copies of her first, full length album “Oh My Days” with her band Jet+The Art Engine.

Jessica is set to release a self titled EP in early 2019. Keep in touch with her on social media to find shows and tour dates. @jessicabarbourmusic